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About Us.

The John L Rockwell Group, led by John Rockwell, is an enormous collection of founders, creative spirits and independent thinkers who “have been there, and done that” for over 60 years.  We are different… We seek exceptional people, visionaries and disrupters, helping bring their ideas to life.  Our style is not for everyone.  We take a direct approach, working with entrepreneurs to help build their inspired ideas into a strong business model, then connecting them to our large investing partnership network.  The John L Rockwell Group is the partner in the entrepreneur’s quest for success.

The John L Rockwell Group is a team with diverse strengths, mindful from lessons learned, who have built multi-million to billion-dollar companies.  We pride ourselves in shaping concepts into legendary companies, from idea to IPO.  We value teamwork over showmanship and structure our deals to be in-line with both the entrepreneur and investor philosophies.  If you are one of these extraordinary individuals looking to unleash your vision and mission on this world, get in touch, we can’t wait to hear your story.

The John L Rockwell Group is not a fund.  John has built a massive global network and has been connecting entrepreneurs with investors for over 50 years.  The John L Rockwell Group has digitized his “hand shake” approach into an online platform, established to fully structure opportunities, providing support to entrepreneurs, and take these viable, vetted and structured deals to our investing partnership network.  

Our Purpose and Values

We invest and engage in business to drive positive and lasting impact for companies, employees, communities, and the environment.

John L Rockwell Group is built on these core principles

  • Teamwork and Innovation
  • Transparency
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Opportunity & Investment
  • Believers, Visionaries, Disruptors
  • Ethical practices
  • Hard work
  • Sustainability
  • Social Responsibility