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Our Mission

Our mission is to partner with entrepreneurs, visionaries, and disruptors, building rare, generational companies, whose achievements unequivocally impact on a global scale, positively effecting generations to come.

What We Do

Incubation to Investment

The John L Rockwell Group has spent many years creating and building companies as well as developing our investor partner network. We have created all the resource tools necessary to help you navigate through the turbulent waters of getting your idea off the ground and helping your company reach the peak of its potential.

The John L Rockwell Investor Network

The John L Rockwell Group has combined forces with a select group of investors with over $30Billion in available funds to form the John L Rockwell Group Investor Network (JRGIN). We are always looking to expand our exclusive Investor Network, if you would like to be considered for entrance into this group, please register . In order to join, you must be a qualified investor, and be open to new cutting edge investment opportunities. The best part is that each new opportunity is not only a disrupter, game-changing, blue ocean type of idea, but they are also fully vetted and supported by our qualified, experienced team.